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Année de publication: 2002
1 CD - 1 livret -
Univers:M09 Électronique


Can't get you out of my head
Where's your head at
Fuck the pain away
I'm waiting for the man
J'aime regarder les mecs
Dance to the music
Oh Sheila
I wanne be your dog
Disko kings
The 'o'
Shower scene
No fun
Push it
Joe le taxi
Crush on you
Motocross madness
French kiss
Serious trouble
Disc jockey's delight vol 2
Kaw liga
Shake your body
Into the stars
99 luftballons
Independent woman
Dreadlock holiday
9 to 5
Death disco
Keine melodien
I wish
My gigolo
Human fly
Danger ! high voltage
Don't bring me down
Hand to phone
La Rock 01

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